Olav Velthuis

Department of Sociology
University of Amsterdam

I am a Professor at the Department of Sociology of the University of Amsterdam, specializing in economic sociology, sociology of the arts and cultural sociology.  My research interests include the globalization of art markets, the interrelations between market and gift exchange, the valuation and pricing of contemporary art, and the moral and socio-technological dimensions of markets for adult content. I am currently studying the rise of private museums of contemporary art and the digitization of sex work on webcam platforms. Before moving to the University of Amsterdam, I worked for several years as a Staff Reporter Globalization for the Dutch daily de Volkskrant.

Select publications:

Velthuis, O., 2007. Talking prices: Symbolic meanings of prices on the market for contemporary art (Vol. 55). Princeton University Press.

Van Doorn, Niels, and Olav Velthuis. “A good hustle: the moral economy of market competition in adult webcam modeling.” Journal of Cultural Economy 11, no. 3 (2018): 177-192.

Velthuis, O. and Curioni, S.B. eds., 2015. Cosmopolitan canvases: the globalization of markets for contemporary art. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Kobe De Keere

Department of Sociology
University of Amsterdam

I am an assistant professor in sociology at the University of Amsterdam and hold a Ph.D. in sociology from the Free University of Brussels. Currently, my main research focus is on subjects such as moral justification, gatekeeping mechanisms and evaluation practices within the labor market. I investigate how cultural signals and moral reasoning determine access to occupational positions within different employment sectors. Besides that, I have an interest in historical and cultural changes and have published on topics such as individualism, modernization, educational inequality and political conflicts. I am a member of the program group Cultural Sociology of the Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research, a Norbert Elias Fellow and affiliated to the Weatherhead Research Cluster on Comparative Inequality and Inclusion.

Select Publications:

De Keere, K. (2019). Finding the moral space: Rethinking morality, social class and worldviews. Poetics,https://doi.org/10.1016/j.poetic.2019.101415

De Keere, K., & Spruyt, B. (2019). ‘Prophets in the pay of state’: The institutionalization of the middle-class habitus in schooling between 1880 and 2010. The Sociological Review, 0038026118822824.

De Keere, K. (2014). From a self-made to an already-made man: A historical content analysis of professional advice literature. Acta Sociologica57(4), 311-324.