Predrag Cvetičanin

Senior researcher
Center for Empirical Cultural Studies
of Southeastern Europe

I teach Sociology of Culture and Arts and Aesthetics at the Faculty of Arts University of Nis and Cultural Policy and Cultural Rights at the UNESCO Chair at the University of Arts in Belgrade My research activities are carried out through the Centre for Empirical Cultural Studies of South-East Europe. Iholds a PhD in Sociology from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade (2011), an MSc in Philosophy from the London School of Economics and Political science (LSE) (1998), an MA in Sociology of Arts from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade (1997); an MA in Art History at the Central European University (CEU) Prague (1995); and a BA in Sociology at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Niš (1989). I have coordinated a large number of national and international research projects. I have also written and edited twelve books dealing with the class structure of South-East European societies, with the relationship between social and cultural stratification, with informal practices, household strategies and with cultural participation in South-East Europe.

Select publications:

Cvetičanin, P. (2019). Education as Factor in the Development of Musical Taste, Facta Universitatis, 3(2)

Cvetičanin, P, Popovikj, M and Nedeljković, J. (2015), Who Likes this Change? Perception and Evaluation of Socio-Economic Changes in Western Balkan Societies, in: A Life for Tomorrow: Social Transformations in South-East Europe, edited by Predrag Cvetičanin, Ilina Mangova, Nenad Markovikj, Skopje: Institute for Democracy Societas Civilis,

Cvetičanin, P. and Popescu, M. (2011b). The Art of Making Classes in Serbia: Another Particular Case of The Possible. Poetics, 39(6), 444-468.