Thursday the 17thof December

Retraining the Brain? An Ethnography of Neurological Trauma.

Lecture by Prof. dr. Muriel Darmon (CNRS – EHESS)

Epidemiological research presents us with a curious finding: the extent of patients’ recovery after suffering from neurological trauma or stroke proves to be intimately tied to their class position. Whereas patients from middle- and upper-class backgrounds show the best rates of recovery, those from lower socio-economic backgrounds are more vulnerable to lasting functional impairments following stroke. Based on a 15-month ethnographic study of neurology and rehabilitations units, Prof. Muriel Darmon (CNRS – EHESS) shows that this peculiar form of social inequality is closely tied to the particular type of learning situations that rehabilitation imposes and their (mis)match with class-based dispositions and attitudes towards practice.

This lecture will take place on Thursday the 17thof December from 14:30 to 16:30 as an online-webinar. You are free to participate through the following link: Zoom-conference Retraining the Brain?